Striking Time

Tick, ticking striking out of the past,
no one hears the silent sounds

of the before, setting tones of today.

Hushed noised of the irreversible day,
passable times of yore,
left only in forgotten memory.

Cobwebbed shelves building into
the minds of the ones left behind,
to sustain the awareness of time.

Rhythm, slow ticking, echoes loudly
as dusty sounds of a year
stored in moth scented rooms of the past.

Tones of hours, twisted,
tenor of richness strikes the dome
of pendulums’ sounds.

Wound springs of life, unwinding
movements in celebration of life
and the poignant tones of death.

The world evolves, revolves,
the clock ticks winding its hours
tightly around the past.

Irreversible paradox of beginnings
going toward the endings,
reaching into uncertainty.

copyrighted: CMM 2004-2005

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