Month: June 2022


I ran this morning

At the end of night

Just before the sun appeared

And as I did the time passed

As though we were at a race

I kept my balance and kept

My sight and did not lose the pace.

CMM © 2022

Art work : © CMM 2022

Trying to get ready for the “Stars and Stripes “

Hospital Hill Run

I love the outings of just moving


I look upon my pen

And dig deep within

So I will know to say

The writing for today

I call upon the muse

the words I hope to chose .

I knew them all so well

While running in the spell

Of early morning light

At the end of a long night .

CMM. © 2022

A Morning Run

after a Sunday fun.

Now it is time to work

And remember …

CMM © 2022


I heard footsteps ever so quiet

They carried with them

a world of might

sounding of innocence

and tomorrow’s hope

silent the wind,

as it whirls above…

Protect this wonder

this shadow,

this child of love…

CMM. copyright: 2022

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon a

runner’s delight. Hangs above

the starless night.

The poets and sage wakes up

to view, the promise to see

the pink settled hue.

CMM copyright © 2022

Summer’s Eve

the golden sun rises

Into the morning’s heat

As the world slows down.

CMM 2022

“ Peanuts”

I have always been fascinated with “Peanuts”, I miss his genius …

CMM 2022

Ice Cream and Volkswagons

I remember those days

we would eat ice cream

and never gain a pound.

Going to the Tasty Freeze

ordering chocolate on chocolate.

Sitting at the booth with my sister,

talking to our new friends

and laughing.

So easy to laugh then at everything;

even ourselves .

CMM. 2022