Month: May 2020


As a writer sees

A book in front of me

I pour into emptiness

© CMM 2020


Let me wash my face with the morning dew

Dress my soul with the songs of birds

Pick the dawn with the hopes anew

Walk among the crickets I’ve heard

And take with me a symphony

Given by the hooting owl

Live again another day

And dry my feet with Nature’s towel

©. Christine McNeill-Matteson

Angels in My Garden

Angels hide in my garden

Saying a prayer for me

They are not there for the onlooker

They are only there to be

A comfort for the tender

A reminder of the quiet prayers

So when we forget to spend the time

A sweet symbol of moments shared.

© CMM 2020


A purple sunshine

A morning delight shines

Between the moon and sun

© 2020 CMM

A sweet morning

A rose soon will bloom

midnight gentle rain christened

Soon a majesty …

CMM . 2020

English Garden

English Garden

Shakespeare’s Globe theater may close permanently due to COVID-19 lockdown |

William Shakespeare’s Globe theater, the famous London playhouse where the playwright’s shows were performed, faces permanent closure as a result of coronavirus lockdown measures, the theater and UK politicians have warned.
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I hope this does not happen!

Happy 1st Birthday Aurora Leigh Christine