Month: July 2020

Wild Flowers

Let me find a little hope
In just a little flower
Let me see its beauty
Among the world’s mire
I pass the wild garden
Planted by nature’s hand
Sewn among the weeds
Still beauties stand
Will this be the way
Of all the distress now
there will be wild flowers
Go against wrong somehow

copyright:  CMM  2020


A short run around

History left standing today

Hold on humanity

CMM. 2020

Hindsight 2020


Stephanie’s Herb Garden

Stephanie herb garden is lovely

Happy Birthday to my beautiful

Daughter ! The sun got up and took our breath away on the run.


Blue Hues spill into

A river that has been and

Will be pass all in time


Frog and Run

In the words of Niki

” just do it “🐸 Kermit is an inspiration

And my run was good,

Being Alive

a step , a footing,

A distance, each day we strive

By being alive …

Picking up the gauntlet’s throw

Taking on the archer’s bow .

© CMM. 2020


Today is rain

Thoughtfulness and stillness claim

Preparing for hope

© CMM. 2020