Month: November 2022

Red Truck

It caught my eye,

I could not see

the spirit of Christmas

was all over me .

I wondered why

and kept starring long.

As I heard a song,

the song was soft

and rode in on the snow.

It followed the wind

it was then I would know.

Christmas in the night

close but out of sight

we try to understand

a Christmas of love

swept through the land .

Red truck stood still

The dog did not bark

And the snow fell

Right before dark

CMM Copyrighted 2022

Oak Tree

A small spinally trunk

Began to grow 

Over the years of spring storms and 

Seasons of winter’s ice 

It grew reaching 

And sometimes struggling 

To continue to strengthen 

Within the seasons

The birds singing into 

The branches of knurly 

Knots twisting into green 

Bouquets of leaves 

Nest began to take residence 

As the feathery friends found refuge 

Deep into the branches

The crescendo would begin

Darkness pulled by sunlight 

The shades of Morning 

Lifts into the spring of beginnings 

Quietness is overtaken by staccato songs

CMM. copyrighted: 2022

The Change

Blackeye peas

autumn breeze

rocking chair keeping pace

The sky has turned gray

the quietness of the day

calls the season’s race

I listen to know

It will soon start to snow

Winter will take its place.

CMM. copyright: 2022

The sounds of the universe

Brown Leaves

feet in the leaves

Dry and brown

Floating in breeze

A shuffling sound

The song of winter

Heralds in sync

Autumn will be gone

Winter’s snow in a blink

CMM ©️ 2022