Month: December 2021

The Eve

The Eve

The eve of New Year has arrived

The fog rolls in covering the lamppost

The dismal air filled with a chill of a pending storm.

Maybe this is it, maybe the fog will usher the new year.

Maybe the white snow trailing behind it will bed the past.

The squirrels will scamper into the nested trees

The only sound when we venture out will be our footsteps,

The screams of the last murder of crows left behind with hope.

The hope to find the last field just turned from farmer’s plow.

Crunching the frozen ground laid by winter’s arrival,

We are brought into the silence of ourselves

Maybe then, we will think to pray.

CMM.  2021

Old Clock

I walked into an antique shop

The richness of the past

Permeated through the air

Reflected in the glass

It was somber yet reflective 

The wood floor creaked with announcement

As my feet shuffled in and around 

I peeked at Santas and student lamps

Made of green shades beveled 

In umbrella shapes to direct the flame

Antique brass writer’s quill 

Stood alone without its calligraphy pen

Two retiring gentlemen were owners

One was a retired circuit judge.

He loved his clocks, and he loved working on them.

Asking him the price of the small clock with a grandfather’s tone

He told me, and said he was waiting for it to time out.

I smiled and said, ” I have time, I could wait too.”

150 years old.


Magical Gingerbread House

A ginger bread house

Of warmth and love

Put together in tenderness

A sweetness of charm

A glowing touch

A sharing of familiarness

The walls are strong

And stuck with glue-

Like snow glistening

The roof and the snow

Are cotton candy sweet.

the walk a chocolate tantalizing.

CMM ©2021

Father Time

Father Time returns

Another year older

His beard whiter

The weather much colder .

CMM © 2021

Ginger Cookies

Cookies of ginger

With shared times so tender

Christmas magic …

© CMM 2021

Frozen Moon

Winter’s full moon

Ascends frozen

Among Ice icicles

The Beginning

The full moon lunars

Into morning

Matthew’s lineage

Takes us into the stable

As the Dawn of love

Breaks a silence

Of despair …

The universe conspires

sounding into a holy night .

A baby cries…

CMM © Dec 2021

Hot Cocoa

Sweet smell of Chocolate

Steams from the china rim 

The prints of Alice’s Wonderland

Jump from the black and white glass.

We read our stories of the Mad Hatter

And the disappearing owl.

Now I sit with my cup brimmed over

Spilling on the characters of yesterday.

Thinking of the friends I use to share

Our thoughts and our dreams.

As we dressed like Alice and 

Was just as mischief.

I salute time, and friendship 

Like the crooked clock on the wall

The hurried rabbit disappearing into

The garden of hearts and evil queens. 

Our life has been full of it all.

The Alice in me hopes we are never lost.

Lost in the days of technology 

And pretending with a cup and saucer.

We lived in magic and the magical 

And maybe they really did exist. 

Sooo, we tip our cups not with tea,

But sweet hot cocoa and stories.

CMM.  2021