Month: August 2013

Wise Ole’ Owl

I looked up and something caught my eye,
It was a home I recognized way up high.
The wise ole’ owl was seemingly  away,
so I did not linger,  did not stay.
But, I shall return on some later time,
maybe I will visit, maybe we will dine.
However, until then I feel  pleased,

I found the ole’ wise owl’s place of ease.

©  CMM  2013

Childhood Tea

As I sit and drink my tea,
I think of you and I think of me.
How we laughed and how we played.
Sometimes cried, but always stayed—

Sitting in a pile of sand,
pretending to be in a far off land.
Kings and princesses, knights with dress,
the sand we played became a mess;
staying closer.

These places within our minds,
these childhood days would always find,
a time called ‘all-our-own’.
These places with us, now we’re grown;
are keeping us close.

As we sat among shaded trees,
mud dried clothes and scabbed knees.
Sun glowing on our faces,
the reflection of playful traces;
growing closer.

The child in us soon to part,
always remembering in the heart;
Forever close.
Copyrighted: 2001 CMM

Morning Break

The last lantern rusted from the salty sea,
corroded into white powder,
edges of thin paint lifting up
as time ornaments
faintly blinking
turns off.
In these moments
the albatross flies
seagull’s resonance….

Stuffed Tiger


Hello Tiger, here you sit with a silly face.
Why are you sad? You have a special place.

In my world you represent the time
of a Saturday evening of laughter and wine.

I saw you at a carnival game,
we won, and home with me you came.

Sitting in my room on a special chest,
cheering me as I lay to rest.

You’re large and you’re furry, nice to own,
stuffed softly without a single bone.

But a heart you have, for it is mine,
a fondness of you to remember the time.

The Saturday Night of carnival fun,
bringing you home at the setting sun.

copyrighted: 1988 CMM