Month: February 2016

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Eagle and Child Inkling

Oh, but the heart that has labored love
    in laced valentine’s of past.
Cutting out the ribbons of red,
    to give in hopes that love will last.
The confectionaries create their wares
     and boxed in all hearts  sizes.
As anticipation builds in
     the expectant heart she prizes.
The day will wear and waiting passes.
     How will the promise come?
The time for many and then a few
but, from the hopeful one.
© CMM  2012

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Ash Wednesday

Silent prayer,
Read aloud,
Keeping me
in a spiritual shroud.
Ashes wet,
Incense burned
the blessing given,
the sacred urn.
Oh the swirling of deafness
Inside my head,
I did not hear
One prayer said.
I only heard your voice
In the songs,
the missing of you
where you once belonged…
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
I feel your presence
I feel your trust.

Christine McNeill-Matteson, copyright: 02/2015 Published by, Agathos International Review Humanities and Social Sciences,2069-1025 (Print); 2248-3446




Shakespeare and Days of Youth

Shakespeare and 400 years…

Eagle and Child Inkling

Perched below the shaded trees,
cools the sun’s luncheon rays.
Crossed in contemplation knees
are the enchanted Shakespeare days.

Tempered heat of springtime lawn

varid carpet lays beneath.
Lurching words without alarm,
bid from metamorphous sleep.

Anthony and Cleopatra fight,
as sonnets woo the lady’s fare.
Henry the IV comes from the night,
poets and lovers, a wispy pair.

The yeoman genius now buried in tomb,
leaves with the youth a place to learn.
While even when he left the room,
all other works are now discerned.

copyrighted:   2005

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