cold brisk morning run

Sky holds God’s thumbnail above

soul newly refresh

© 2020 CMM


Sun reflects hope of

Early spring on the river

Seasons hope of change

© 2020. CMM


Flowers sent today

Valentine’s a sweet array

Swells the aroma

Of today’s remembrance

Echoes of Shakespeare’s semblance.

©. 2020 CMM


A frigid morning

A warm soft fire keeps vigil

To hope in this world.

© 2020 cmm


Gray rustic canon

Hangs over winter’s river

Few could tell you why.

Many once gathered to fight

Forgotten, now a bleak sight .

Copyrighted : 2020 CMM

Snow Moon

Full Snow Moon tonight

Climbing horizon in sight

A blue pastel light…

Copyrighted 2020 CMM

Jon Matteson, “Shakespeare and Company” Hotspur

The Shakespeare intensive was called Shakespeare and Company in Lenox MA, and I was playing Hotspur from Henry IV part 1

Eagle and Child Inkling

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Time arrives quickly

It is pretty amazing

A peace of knowing …

Copyrighted 2020 CMM

A morning run

A rising sun glows ahead

It is ok