Oh Hallow’s Eve

“Joy’s Song”


A dedication to my friends, Mary Phillips, Susan Caruso, Joy Nowlen, who lost their battle with breast cancer.  Honoring all this month “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”



copyright : © 2019 cmm


Watching a lot of dead people

moving around, finding a table.

The heavy glass separates

the booth and the tables

from inside and sidewalk.

As the food carried by life

and served with a smile.

She hasn’t learned to give

up her breaths of hope quite yet.

Watching and waiting and eating.

Watching the gray faces of tired eyes,

I see my reflection in the glass,

praying I will never get there.

Copyrighted:  2019 CMM

The Day



It felt as if eternity stopped in one day.


Everyone’s eyes were swollen from tears.


No one was talking, just listening, just praying.


A feeling of loss, and not knowing why.


A prayer for those you could not call.


Confusion as to what to do next.


You wait, you wait to hear, to hope,


To pray… 9/11 a day of eternity.


copyrighted:  2019 CMM


MACBETH played by my son , Jonathan Matteson ! I am always so proud of him!

A song I wrote and produced



I sit in my early morning quiet spot
Where I go to hear God
And hopes he will listen as I pray

The night still lingers
The air heavy and damp
The quiet crickets not far away

The old oak tree my morning friend
Salutes upward to morning stars
sweet breeze sways the leaves

The soft rustle of the branches
Speaks gently to remind me the
Spirit calls me to believe.

Christine McNeill-Matteson



Copyrighted 2019  CMM




Twilight crest after

midnight storm gives way to verdant

grass, and hope appears …

© CMM 2019