Month: July 2018


at 2:52,

25th, she grew


@ CMM 2018

Happy Birthday Steph 🎂

Jonathan at the Annoyance Theatre


Rain is a promise

Cleansing is the hope, may it

Be to create seed

@CMM. 2017

Hibiscus (haiku)

the magenta bloom

misty morn no rain in site

Our climate warning


@CMM  2018




A robin waits and then she soars

I run the hills out  of doors

In the middle of world’s unrest

I still run and the Robin makes her nest.


3.00 miles



Copyright 2018

trying to Out smart the heat

sliver of the moon peeking through

Jonathan in a new musical, if you are in LA in October go see it…




Hapoy 4th