Morning Run

Summer heat is already here .

The fog rolls in

And the day begins …


I put this up earlier and somehow deleted it.

Always a Runner

I finished my Earth Day Medal


Champions and Failures

Spring brings champions

Tulips celebrate

While the world

Looks the other way

As children March in mud

And despair…

CMM © 2022

Mom’s Birthday

It is your birthday

We cut the cake

We shared a memory

For old time sake

I am not sure if cake is there

Or parties or birthdays

But today Steph and I share

A piece of cake on this day

Your birthday 🎂


I know you are there

There where there is no pain

There in a world of angels

There where we do not know

Where there is until

We get to know …

Take care dear brother in law.

Take care…

CMM 2022

We Sparkle

We sparkle , we stand

In the light , in the sand

We are strong against the dark.

We are women who make our mark.

We sparkle and we stand .

In the light , in the sand .

CMM 2022

It is never easy but it is always worth the run.

Wolf Moon

The morning Wolf Moon

The Celtics cry aloud

It is the January Moon

Among the whisky cloud

The lore of the sound

In distant lone howl

The packs of wolves

Cry out a ral

They bark and whine

And whimper

As the moon rises

They start to skim-per.

All will listen to ancient sounds

Heart beat with nature,

Wolves are around .

CMM © 2022