The Journey

IMG_3668Dark and bleak the days become,

Mother and child still are one.

They seek shelter for the night

against the cold weather’s fright.

A manger, a stable, they find by grace.

In the night, their stay finds pace

to birthing pains inside the shed.

Labor and love defies world’s dread.

Where infant cries break the sounds

all kings and shepherds seek to surround,

as star reflects hope and the son,

God enters the world among

on this our Christmas Day…

©   CMM  2015


I gather grit

I gather me

A day of solitude

a day succeed

Stones and pebbles

in my path

mud and slides

become my wrath

I listen to my body

labors to go on

I do not stop

the road is long

My head is leading

through the race

my legs continue

to keep the pace

Times I feel faint

and others strong

but I did endure

I did belong.

©  CMM   2015

Half Marathon  (13.2  Battery went dead on my run)

Half Marathon
(13.2 Battery went dead on my run)

Joy’s Song


All Soul’s Day

Lyrics written by:  Christine McNeill-Matteson

Music composed by:  Daniel Meyer

Vocalist:  Lynn Jenkins

Instrumentalist:  Eddie Truman

(This song was written in memory of a friend of mine who passed with breast cancer.  She was only 28 years old with 3 beautiful young children.)