He Came


As the chickadee finds its nest,

among the prickly leaf…

The labored Mother sighs

as birthing finds relief…

Then nature joins a chorus,

among the star they sing…

Humanity realized His birth

of the Resurrection King…

He came among the world

in quiet winter’s rest…

Chickadee without notice

continues to make his nest…

Copyrighted:  CMM 2003IMG_1237



Brown aroma filters through

the porcelain pot wrapped in

a  holiday Christmas print

Tea covey placed around,

Tied at the top with a green ribbon.

Pouring into the cup the sound

of generations past of many pourings,

expressed  within generations,

a knowing of shared time.

The warmth of the spiced tea

brings smiles caused by conversations,

of simpler  relationships in an eloquent

fluent exchange of Christmas gentilityChristmas Tea photo

Christmas 2013  ©   CMM