A Morning Run

after a Sunday fun.

Now it is time to work

And remember …

CMM © 2022

When We Were a Couple of Kids

This should be a blank page,

but it is not…

Because now we have little ones

massacred in playful steps

while celebrating their last

Days of school.

Receiving honors for hard work,

looking forward to hazy days

and ice cream reasons.

Instead it is replaced

with Gurneys carrying out limp

souls of young bodies

dangling from under discrete sheets.

Screams are heard in meeting

places as families receive the news.

Darkness takes place,

” when we were A couple of kids”

CMM 2022


I remember I would lie

Looking into the sky

The aquamarine blue

Stretched way up high

Hung with invisible means

puffy white clouds

Would show up in streams

Of shapes like Animals

or people I have seen

CMM © 2022

Angels Among My Garden

I look and then I stay,

The angels keep the garden

And with me we pray 🙏

Angels among my garden

A path I will keep for you

So when you come and visit

You will always get through .

CMM. 2022

The Love of an Uncle

The love of an uncle

Just to be there

In the middle

Of confusion he listens

And cares .

CMM © 2022

God’s Thumbnail

Right outside my window is a sliver of a moon .

There is no fanfare , just hangs in quiet.

Looking like God’s thumbnail ,

As an iridescent light.

CMM. © 2022

Mom’s Birthday

It is your birthday

We cut the cake

We shared a memory

For old time sake

I am not sure if cake is there

Or parties or birthdays

But today Steph and I share

A piece of cake on this day

Your birthday 🎂

The Robin Still Sings

I woke this morning

the weight of my sister’s grief

felt like tons of sandbags.

The knowing of war felt like

an old man’s story.

I rise to find hope and wonder

as I hear a sound outside,

opening the door I know

as I hear;

the robin still sings…

CMM © 2022


I know you are there

There where there is no pain

There in a world of angels

There where we do not know

Where there is until

We get to know …

Take care dear brother in law.

Take care…

CMM 2022