Month: February 2021


The fire has passed

The embers last

Long into time

The warmth still felt

As the days melt,

life tries to stay kind.

CMM 2021

On the road again and going to go strong 🏃‍♀️



I ran this morning

On ice and snow

The trees glisten

The ice fairies glow

I hear the geese

Sound celebration

The storm is gone

Now jubilation

As I crunched

My shoes as I run

I looked up to see

A heart shaped sun

© CMM 2021


A Day to remember

In winter’s dark embers

With the cold at your feet.

A saint in the past

Made sure love would last

So now we give roses and sweets.

CMM ©2021


Barrenness season

Frigid reminder of loss

Temporarily …

CMM © 2021

Cold Run

Cold Mornings 
I was out for a frigid cold jaunt.

The sky hung distant stars’ reflections. 

The streets were full of shadows and Old antebellum buildings with long porches,

aged trees stood guard in the yards.

I heard a truck slow down as it passed.

The gentleman opened his car window. “ are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you.” I replied. He started to pull off and stopped. 

“ Do you need a ride?” He asked again. “No, no thank you.” I responded . 

He waved and continued on his way. 

I never felt threatened, his demeanor felt safe. 

However, I had to ponder about his concern. 

I suppose it seemed odd at 22 degrees and 4:30 in the morning someone out.

It was gentleman of him to be thoughtful.

I am certain I will be a conversation piece
—- the rest of the day. 

February 5th