Month: November 2018

I met ‘ Father Time’ yesterday. He turned and said, We have known each other before.” I replied, Mona Lisa. He bellowed out a laugh and said, ” That will do.”

Veterans Day

Traces of drinks made from cacao are found in 3,900 year old pottery in South America  | Daily Mail Online

Researchers from the University of British Columbia claim ancient people in South America developed a taste for cacao 1,500 years before the Mexicans began growing the plant.
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Of course ❤️

“Joy’s Song”


I remember “All Souls’ Day” with a song I wrote.

Written by: Christine McNeill-Matteson

Produced with Kip Haaheim Music and instrumentalist

vocalist;  Jonathan Matteson

Music written by: Daniel Myer



Copyrighted:   CMM 2016