Month: February 2022


I walked among the trees and stopped to say hello. The sweetness of his greeting gave me to know.

God still exist ❤️


I know you are there

There where there is no pain

There in a world of angels

There where we do not know

Where there is until

We get to know …

Take care dear brother in law.

Take care…

CMM 2022

We Sparkle

We sparkle , we stand

In the light , in the sand

We are strong against the dark.

We are women making our mark.

We sparkle and we stand .

In the light , in the sand .

CMM 2022

Red-Headed Woodpecker

he kept the pace

In a very slow race

With just myself .

CMM 2022

Creme brûlée

a small cup

Of heaven’s delight

Makes a run

Seem just right


CMM 2022