Month: March 2017

She and the Sea

Her soul needed refreshing 

she returned to the sea

when the waves came, her troubles leave

her hair played with the wind

her smile swept across her face

she felt the universe give back her grace

early morning from darkness to light

rise into colors of orange, pink, reds 

she nodded and watched, no words said

Her soul needed refreshing 

she returns always to the sea

where the waves come, her troubles leave 

Copyrighted:  2017 CMM


IMG_3296.JPGAn hour of time,

a lifetime,

a pause,

a moment,

a second,



by who


the times…

copyrighted by:  CMM  2017

A Great Lady

Her face, was like a road map of all special places,

her eyes the ocean of knowledge and strength.

Yes, her words spilled out of time, joy and sorrow

asking for someone to listen, love and remember; she was here.

Copyrighted:  CMM  2017

International Women’s Day

I entered my garden of Gethsemane,

with the shroud of my womb

choking closely on my shoulders.

Weeping across my soul the red stain

flows into the vine now twisting into my

human flesh of pain and sorrow.

Mother of Mothers, whose loneliness

and desperation sheds the crust of my body

calling out for the new bread.

New bread for the generation left

from a Mother’s tears,

at Mary’s feet; the world weeps.

copyright: CMM  2009