Month: January 2017

life’s stump


circles and rhytmns

time pushes out

round and round

decays of lies

placed in forgotten

rings of covered maskings

and the circles and rhythms

continue on,

growing into to a stump

to cut into history

rediscovering it still


copyrighted:  2017



towards me in rhythm

pushing, pulling in tides

of undertow and strong currents.

I rest, for the tides of my soul

are brought into the life of the sea.

Copyrighted:  CMM  2011

Young Man’s American Dream


Opening day, it’s now time to play, the game found in cornfields and parks.

American way, a game that will stay, the home run you want before dark.

Hammering’ Hank, Mickey, the Yankee Clipper, Smokey Joe, and all the greats,

brings every little boy hopes and dreams as he enters for the first time their gates.


DiMaggio and Galvin echoes at the bat as America starts the baseball season’s fun.

Major Leagues, Minors, town teams and little leagues all strive for the famous home run.

A moment of summer in sweltering heat, the sun changes position at your back,

Let’s cheer our team and share a time of America with peanuts in a paper sack.


One, Two, Three Strikes “You’re Out”,they yell as another approaches the bat.

Root toot, toot for the home team, as the dust cloud forms at the mat…


copyrighted: 2001 CMM

The Drop

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day,

Eagle and Child Inkling

It was just a drop.

     “What drop?”

     “You know the drop.”

“Tell me, but first tell me why?”

     “Why?”  “We cried.”

      “Because of the drop.”

“What drop!?”

      “One who humanity denied.”

      “Because, it was a drop.”

“Because of the drop?”

      “The brown paper bag.”

      “Matched the drop they denied.”

“But, we still cried.”

     “We still cry.”

      “Each time they deny.”

Copyrighted:  2016  CMM

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