Month: July 2014

A Poem



If I wrote among the willows would the earth receive my tears ?

Would the roots gather moisture and return the pain of years ?

If I dry my tears with ashes and wipe my anguish with moss,

would the day seem less melancholy and the passing less a loss ?

Be with me a moment and  I will gather in the rain

All the earth of my humanity and the lightening of my pain …

copyrighted:  CMM  2014

Ferris Wheel


235Crayola Colors, bright red, yellow and blue,

round in circles of me and you

All the beginnings are reflected inside

as I watch and I listen to the Ferris wheel ride.


The seats they wobble with you front and back,

don’t look down and buckle the rack.

I love to watch and listen and smell

the time of the Ferris wheel, I remember well.


True loves in height and tumultuous times

Defined by the nickels we paid for the climbs

As we trusted a ride, we would never forget

Arm in arm, hand in hand lovers, we sat.


The Ferris wheel days of cotton candy and games

Hope and promise blended and all seemed the same

As the day before or the day to come

The days of the Ferris Wheel, at the setting sun.

copyrighted:  2014 CMM