Month: November 2012


A wake of hope carries the moon’s descent,
to ride off from the cold sun of winter’s promise.

Is it cold that slows the squirrel’s journey up
or their strife of yesterday’s feast of stowed summers.

The nip of hope, and the sting from the unknown,
stand as cold air in a windless day of frozen temperatures.

Yet, the move of the hours will re-ignite the heavenly stars
biding rest to the weary feeling full of the day’s survival.

Copyrighted: CMM 2009

1st Sunday in Advent: He Came

As the chickadee finds its nest,

among the prickly leaf—

The labored Mother sighs,

as birthing finds relief.

Then nature joins a chorus,

among the star they sing—

Humanity realized his birth,

of the resurrection King—

He came among the world,

in quiet winter’s rest—

chickadee without notice,

continues to make his nest—

Copyrighted: CMM 2001


Hottest Pepper

I ventured into cupboard walls,
Musky, cracked and worn,
smelling of the past.

I came upon a window, shop keeper’s
wares, all bottles lined
behind his glass.

The names written on the bottles,
colors vivid and rare
Caught my feminine eye…

The one which read, ‘Scorned Woman’,
‘slap your mama’
Hot enough to make you cry.

I did not choose to take offense
And laughed with seasoned wit, as I
entered with a peppered smile

The old man behind the desk
looked quizzically and closely watched
me inspect his sauce for a while.

We exchanged words, he the wisdom
of the peppered sauce, as I read
drollness labels, all adorned.

He boxed my purchases, imparted
his wisdom, “tip is the hottest
of the pepper”, he said.

Forgetting the Woman’s Scorn.
© Summer CMM 2005

Silver Sea

Silver lights surround fallen beams cast from summer’s full moon.
Sea is quiet and spreads like a lover in waiting for the ones-to-notice, to linger.
Linger we do, in the dust showered in the reflections of the midnight visit.
Women of generations, sit upon sands that are older than time itself,
Gathering thoughts of times to come, and times that passed as wisdom lingers.
Lingering in moments of contemplation, waiting to be heard.

©  CMM  2012

Full Moon

Standing There

Standing There

I saw him there standing in line
Camouflaged, uniform pressed.
He stood with quiet confidence
and patience like the rest.

I watched him, as he didn’t know
I stood in the corner quiet.
Thinking young men like him,
fighting in the night.

I tried to envision his young face,
brown with all the sand.
Covered from the desert hills
holding a gun in his hand.

There I stood, even watching more
as he responded to the clerk
Then I thought of soldiers like him
digging holes for beds at work.

I stood there in reverence,
although he did not see.
Trying to understand the core
who volunteers for me.

I watched and on his face I saw
many who stood there too.
It wasn’t just one soldier in the boots
but many who fit his shoes.

I lowered my head and felt the moment
of the ones who already died.
The children, the loved one, left behind,
buried in pillows to cry.

He turned, a stranger all the while
and tipped his hat to go.
I prayed a quiet prayer and looked
up, smiled and said hello.

Leaving through the open doors
I was left with only my thoughts.
There is a force out there in our youth
a force that has fiercely fought

It is made up of the young and strong at heart
and trained to combat the wars.
The American soldier, with iron hands
and a kind heart that keeps no scores.

Copyright: CMM 2000

Veterans Day

Monday is Veterans Day.


A day when all veterans are to be remembered, whether posthumously, retired, active, or reserve.   We know, we have a group of people men/women who volunteer either for a few years or a career to be a part of the world’s best defense system.  Their jobs are often politicized, criticized and optimized, for reasons taken to tables of congressman and senators and presidents.


They don’t question their assignments, and for the most part do not question the decisions of those who send them to countries all over the world.  They are often in harms way, but then again, they are often in places of the world they would have otherwise not had the opportunity.


They do not put on the uniform alone.  They have spouses and children, whom often given up quality of life, moving from pillar to post.  The children often change schools on a yearly basis and have to learn to make friends each time they change.  Inasmuch as this is anxiety for them, they are also afforded opportunities to go and see places in the world other children read about.


The years of absence upon absence endured by families and friends during uncertain times, leaves hearts filled with anxiety.  Spouses listen out for key words on the news, like a Mother’s listen for the baby crying at night.  But, the saddest of all the aspects of this high-risk career knows this particular special person, may or may not return from a battlefield alive.  Albeit, if they do, they may or may not be the same person when they do return. But, the pride they know of given in often-such austere places of their time to a country that allows every citizen a voice.  A voice each person should be able to use without retribution, insult or ostracized.  Our recent election is the prime example of :


That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. —Abraham Lincoln


These veterans who have served so eloquently and so bravely deserve this day and many more in a thank-you for their service.  So, if you can, and if you have a minute, on Monday 12, give a pittance of time for those who bravely said, ‘yes’, to an unknown.  The unknown is the most challenging of all, to all aspects of the soldier and their families.




God Bless America