Month: September 2022

Look Up


A glow of autumn,

a welcomed day.

The spring birds are leaving.

The hummingbirds have lingered ,

but only for a moment

and they will leave.

My one majestic oak tree,

strengthens itself as she knows.

She will soon shed her dress

after the brilliant ball of Fall.

Come gently autumn,

be kind to all who celebrates you.

As winter will take its turn

the world will barely take notice .

CMM. 2022

Much like the butterfly

I am back to running .

She will fly

And I will run

Together we will

Feel nature

Always the Rainbow

The grace was shown

Moments from the throne

The universe shares

As all who cares

Bids the tears

Of the many years

Timeless in sorrows

For all our tomorrows …

Queen Elizabeth with love ❤️

CMM 2022

Women Who Run Whenever

Eliza Strong

Run with the angels Eliza,

we will never forget.

The strength of your will,

the power of your step.

We will continue to run,

with the spirit of all who knew.

Why you slipped on your shoes

out for a morning renew.

Run  with the Angels Eliza,

we will push forward for you.

All the runners behind you,

will continue to tie up our 👟 shoes.

(Dedicated to :  Eliza Fletcher who lost her life recently just out for a run.)

CMM. 2022 #eliza #femalerunners # runners 🏃‍♀️ #freedom

Jogger abducted during early morning run in Tennessee, police say

Jogger abducted during early morning run in Tennessee, police say
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