Month: September 2021


Missing the before,

realize it is my before.

I stop and dwell in time

no before and no after.

I am then in the presence

Of the universe.

2021 © CMM

Beneath it all

beneath the heaven

I see the windows of time

I’m always in awe…

© 2020 CMM

Food and a Run

Orion’s Belt

morning promises

Orion Belt hangs above

Pathway hangs over

CMM © 2021


Wonder and beauty

Reflects a warm afternoon


CMM 2021

Wild Flowers

an early cool run

With bouquet of wild flowers

touch of nature gifts

CMM 2021

Memories: 2020

I was looking for certain publications to reference in a paper I am writing. I came across the Instagram posting my son filmed at Christmas in 2020. I watched it and was surprised at how visceral it felt. I teared up. It will be a long time for our world to recover from the Pandemic in so many ways… May we find kindness