Month: May 2018

Full Moon

Morning Prayer

Carry my hopes

Protect my cares

Last moon of spring

Spent from a season

May summer be kind

@CMM. 2018

A wonderful day with my son ❤️.

my daughter sent me this … thank you


DACA384E-144A-4CC9-A911-13D6BAD1B158Oh the Banter,

And the laughs

Smiles and words

Returned a gaff

Wit and fun

Memories made

A morning breakfast

relationship laid

@ CMM 2018

I love the constant references of writers, evoking the artist memories of the word left behind

A bluebird’s morning,

a runner’s eye turning.

Just in time to see,

perched in the barren tree .

@ 2018 CMM

lilacs give to me your ardor

Passed among the blooms

Sweet smell of heavens loan

Briefly here and gone too soon

@2018 CMM

Sunday sun with a beautiful run ! 6.1 miles

My Grandsons

Rocking with my Grandsons and daughter on a blessed spring morning. ❤️