Month: October 2015


Our weather is turning — our clocks will change.

Life will get shorter and time rearrange.

We will fade and the children will take their turn,

watching life pass and working to earn.

Only to be where we are now,

no slower no faster with  reflections somehow.

©  CMM  2015



Happy Halloween

Eagle and Child Inkling

Witches and apples, fallen leaves and rot,

Has come to this the Hallow night of

full moon with goblins and steamy pots.

The shadows at dusk that pass among trees

of little costumes  of scary ghost among

dressed up monsters of make believes…

An eve of frightening rituals

where all one’s fears are mimicked and mocked

with humor and timeless  habituals.

So call on All Saints , who listen this night,

as the children grow tired from the cold  dark streets,

and guard them home safely from the eve of fright.

©  CMM   2013    All Hallow’s Eve

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I Will Never Forget

October and sacred memories, always

Eagle and Child Inkling

 Washington DC putting flowers on Mom's gravephoto
Touching the ground, wet grass, and still morning.
You lie beneath my feet, feet that feel  as though
they are sinking into the very void of your presence.
Leaving barren ground to follow without you,
holy ground,  hallow feelings of yesterday.
You do not exist in temporal tomorrows of living everyday.
I kneel, to keep from swaying in the feelings of uncertainty.
I want to lie and sleep near you, to feel you again.
A fragment of time, going and gone, and soon to be gone again,
I mix the moisture of the day with the moisture of my tears.
In the passing of life as I seek to find reason,
I bow my head to pray. I feel the swelling of life and death
fertilize the ground inside my grounding, so that I may never forget.

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A Daughter’s Tribute

video of poem of Mother’s Grave at arlington

This Month Mother passed away.  It was 4 years ago…  Missing her never goes away, loving her grows only stronger.  Seeing her in my children in time, she  would be so proud and happy for them.  Feeling her as her grandson Keagan warms your heart in just who he is, and the child he has become.  Time marches on, but footprints never go away.  This is written by a friend of mine Paul Kealy…   I dedicate this song in memory of my Mother… DC putting flowers on Mom's gravephoto