Month: September 2014

Autumn’s Wake

Yeats’ Questionnaire

He thought it was anonymous

I dare say it was not.

For history, time, and well intent

His soul long gone, body has rot.

The pages now among the bards

in halls and glass for history.

They have displayed all your answers

for poets like me to read your mysteries.

Harvard and Cambridge so inquired

You trusted and did reply

But the disclaimer at the top

Time has now denied.

© Christine McNeill-Matteson

Aliens for Breakfast

The world of books
takes little boys
to know the
imaginary world.

impossible, and all magical
sits down to
play in pretend worlds.

copyright: CMM 2000


I hope I will always wake in tulip sunshine
among the fragrance of green grass
growing near flowing rivers
while breakfast sizzles in
cast iron skillets
with biscuits
on cobalt
If this
goes away
in my memory
and leaves me for
another day in changed
places, I want to still wake
in tulip sunrise and still smell
the coffee brew to another time but let
not the reciting bobwhites forget to sound; so I will always remember.
copyright: CMM 2005