Month: December 2018

New Year


Crystal clings, toast to things,

Remembered from the year.


Wine pours red, nod our head,

To loved ones we hold dear.


A kiss held softly and

Tight embrace, I love you.


The moments of kindness,

Auld lang syne, old and new.


Brace the wise man, who lifts

His staff among stars of time.


We pray to mystery of

Life, singing old lang syne.


Copyrighted:  2018 CMM

The Best Musical Ever

a barn they said

Frigid cold night

A trough straw bed

Cattle in sight

A story told

Who may believe

Baby behold


Copyright © CMM 2018

A winter Moon

Upon the crest

Shines a light

The season’s best

Of cold and ice

Is set to be


of winter’s eve .

© 2018 CMM

I lost a long time friend last night. I woke this morning to the news. So this afternoon I went to a movie as a day out and distraction. The name of the movie was ” Mule” with Clint Eastwood, there were 2 take-away sentences. One was ” how old would you be if you did not know the year you were born?” The other, ” you cannot buy time”

3rd Sunday of Advent

My son stars in this musical. It will be coming out on DVD on Dec 14th

6.37 miles run

Modern Day Version “It’s a Wonderful Life” (excerpt from re-theatre)

I never grow tired of posting Jon Matteson’s rendition of George Bailey, “Its a wonderful life.”

Eagle and Child Inkling

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