Month: February 2015

One of the best commercials I have seen in a while; subtle humor.

Gray Barn

There are barns that reek with cruelty,

with white washboards of dirty gray decay.

They stand barren against the bleakly sky

broken and worn from another day.

The wind now blows through them,

making sounds when the boards vibrate.

The barn keeps rhythms of the past,

whether good or whether it forsaken.

The winter’s expressions slide down the eaves,

of snow and ice and barren ground.

Now alone with all the memories,

making cracking gray barn sounds.

Gray Barn IMG_1684

Love According to Shakespeare

Happy Valentine’s Day

Eagle and Child Inkling

Shakespeare in his bloomers svelte
wrote of love and how he felt.
Yet he seemed to be confused
even in his witty muse.

He loved a lady fair with scarlet,
yet he often referred her harlot.
He loved a young male of letters wrote,
but begged him times a sorrowful note.

His mind of genius and of words,
repeated times are often heard.
In plays and sonnets and in verse,
thespians memories do rehearse.

So goes his thoughts of madness,
the soulful writer’s joy and sadness.
A Valentine’s Day of day’s remembrance
seek out your own Shakespearean semblance.

Copyrighted: 2007 CMM
Photo Copyrighted: 2003 CMM

(Dedicated to my son, and his Shakespearean Studies)

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