Month: June 2020


Rainy and a fireplace without cause .


I run because I am
I run because it is there
A healing ritual

©CMM 2020


Sun rises bringing the curtain of fog
As the little Cessna waits its turn
Open sky and Midwest simplicity
Calls you back and makes you yearn
Complex times had turned the world
While mask and sick beds loom in fear
Peoples walk around in angry faces
And This is just half the year
May we find a place of peace
A new atmosphere of caring
Maybe relearn a little kindness
And reinvent the art of sharing .
© CMM 2020

The Dance

My feet clips into the cement

Drumming the rise of the sun

As the river’s fog dances with the tide.

NASCAR community rallies around Bubba Wallace at Talladega | NBC Sports

In a powerful sign of support and solidarity, NASCAR teams lead Bubba Wallace and his No.
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Rain has come down now

Sun has hidden it’s red glare

I sit rain drenched wet

And still feel the world’s despair

Meditating 🧘‍♀️ hope must rise .

© CMM 2020


Queen Anne’s Lace today
On my run, a liturgical
Symbol of ordinary time.
They are lovely
I suppose it reminds us
We still are …lovely.
©CMM. 2020

Doobie Brothers

Breaking Through

Make every day count

Break through gravity holding back

Each tomorrow shines