Month: November 2017

Every Holiday, I love sharing this…

“Walk Among the Brushes”

I hope you have time to read it.  I am humbled with this one as I do believe so much came from places I do not understand and psychologist are trying  to figure out.
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Jon Matteson, “Shakespeare and Company” Hotspur

My Son and His First Performance on “Chicago Fire”

IMG_6578.JPGOnly the Mother knows how hard he has worked,

How much his heart is in the arts.

These moments makes my cup run over…

copyrighted:  2017 CMM

Jon Matteson, Chicago Fire, Season 6 Episode 6, NBC


flickering morning fire
quietly throws warmth
across the shadows

no sleep lifts me up
from my warm bed
to sit in the dark

thinking, weighted
yesterdays forge
into serenity

praying in resolution
knowing the day
will be full


copyright:  2017 CMM


All Soul’s Day, has come to past,

just in time to remind at last,

we are very temporary here

snow has fallen early this year

So as the day brings us to see

The souls and saints among the trees

Symbols passing in nature agrees.

Copyrighted : CMM  2017