Month: October 2021

Poe’s Legacy 

As I read Poe’s Chagrin

Captured Raven mystic within

Dark night knocking and blows the wind.

The spooky shadow he does write

Among the eve of hallows fright

Years go by and he is gone

Yet his words this night belong

Quotes always the raven more

Among the dark hallows yore.

CMM. Copyrighted:  2021

A Morning Run

run in the morning

Create by noon and look to clock

Day ended too soon

CMM © 2021

I Forgot to Smile

I woke with a chilly cold autumn day.

Put on my running shoes 

and guzzled my coffee.

Stepped outside to start a jaunt

zipped my sweatshirt and 

double knotted my shoes.

I look upward to the black sky,

no stars, the storm left remnants 

of a cloudy morning and cool breeze.

Stepping one foot in front of the other

my body began to warm up. 

Soon the pace was decent enough 

I passed a few others, just a few

The world is not visited often 

with twilight runners. 

Dropped acorns the size of walnuts

lay trepidatiously in my path, 

hidden under leaves and branches.

I cautiously step into the places 

of shadows and lights, glare

by streetlights and car lights.

Finishing, I see reflection from the sun

just peeking into the dark horizon

giving way to a more cemented pace.

I see the car and start to slow down,

A feeling only a run can pass on,

accomplishment of the now. 

I walk to the car, feeling the breeze 

I look to see someone near and then I 

remember; to smile. 

CMM  2021


Young Goblins

The moon is out

The ghost about

In this soon to be

🎃 Halloween.

I run in fright

In the night

And hope to not be seen.

But the Casper winks

The pumpkins blink

As I pass the hallow team

CMM ©2021

They quartered it to make it seem possible 🏃🏻‍♂️😅💕

I finally made it to the black level !😅 I have to go 6000 miles to make it to the final level, VOLT.


Stretching so far

I try to see

the dark coal sky

hanging over me.

Constellations I recognize

spatter light in my eyes.

Laughing they drop

right before the horizon

turns crimson red.

I see the universe go on ahead.

CMM. © 2021

Running in liquid sunrise

liquid sunrise glows

Into my morning run and back .

World exist and the beauty

Never lacks

CMM ©2021


I run,

more at peace, stronger and more enduring

let me always run into the new beginnings


The places I have been

And the places I have seen

Has been good for my soul

And washed me clean