The sparrow’s flight seems still against the wind,
as the buzzard’s wings-span soars in the skies that have no end.
Evening draws its shade of cool indigo among the grays,
the shuffling sounds my feet are paced in a cadence  sway.
I struggle against the pull as up hill one foot in front of the lead,
knowing at the top I will breathe easier from the need.
A momentous time this lone and silence evening’s best,
without noise a red tail hawk seen on her nest.
Sun’s warm cast has faded into a twilight’s glow,
while in the course and across the ridge I still have miles to go.
Labored breath I listen, as though it is outside of me,
I glance, the late summer leaves shadows line the trees.
I continue on as miles left behind darken without sun,
appearing at the early twilight , the journey will soon be done.
Chilled with damp t-shirt and brackish coated skin,
I know the feeling only runners feel, when the distance soon will end.
©  CMM  2013