I Run

I talk myself into my run

one foot in front of the other

climbing upwards challenged

laboring a little

just enough to remind me

my humanness

I pass birds calling

aged trees standing still

among the wood line

while wild brown-eyed susans

wink in sway with a soft wind

a wind I need to release me

I do not stop until the trail ends

copyrighted:   2017 CMM 

Running with Pegasus


Mounting Pegasus under morning night,

we take to wings of running flight.

Among stars and constellations,

entered in morning night.

A falling star drops just ahead,

a silent wish is quickly said.

Into the mystic morning show,

Pegasus and I have nothing to dread.

Heralded by seagulls awaking,

the birds in faint light start taking.

To song and flutter as we pass,

all a part of the morning making.

This runner’s flight crossed into light

from a mystic morning flight.

Pegasus and I ride into red glow

dripping sun just in sight.

copyright: CMM  2010


I gather grit

I gather me

A day of solitude

a day succeed

Stones and pebbles

in my path

mud and slides

become my wrath

I listen to my body

labors to go on

I do not stop

the road is long

My head is leading

through the race

my legs continue

to keep the pace

Times I feel faint

and others strong

but I did endure

I did belong.

©  CMM   2015

Half Marathon  (13.2  Battery went dead on my run)

Half Marathon
(13.2 Battery went dead on my run)

Friends For LIfe

I shared with her my plans and schemes,


she shared with me her hopes and dreams.



Together we grew and then apart,


but apart we never forgot the start.



The start of what would one day be


a friendship for life, as we look back to see.



Mistakes we made and mountains we climbed,


didn’t take away the precious times.



We had when we were young and foolish,


dressed in hippie and rock style goolish.



Play house tucked between two trees,


went from ‘make believe’ to club house fees.



Cokes spilt as it fizzed to the top,


not being able to find the mop.



Burning pots in our effort to cook,


parents stood and trembled and shook.



The skating rink, and many a miles


as we skated and danced with youthful smiles.



The teen club, with all its rocking songs,


giving us a sense that we belonged.



Belonged of a generation confused from war,


with racial strife the turmoil we bore.



Our days became families and then children to rear,


the days we lived, the battles we feared.



From growing up in uncertain times,


didn’t seem to change or deter our minds.



From returning to what was always to be


a friend close in time we’d see.



The treasures of childhood, the journey or strife


is always best accompanied by a friend for life.



copyright: CMM 2005running early

Twilight’s Run

The sparrow’s flight seems still against the wind,
as the buzzard’s wings-span soars in the skies that have no end.
Evening draws its shade of cool indigo among the grays,
the shuffling sounds my feet are paced in a cadence  sway.
I struggle against the pull as up hill one foot in front of the lead,
knowing at the top I will breathe easier from the need.
A momentous time this lone and silence evening’s best,
without noise a red tail hawk seen on her nest.
Sun’s warm cast has faded into a twilight’s glow,
while in the course and across the ridge I still have miles to go.
Labored breath I listen, as though it is outside of me,
I glance, the late summer leaves shadows line the trees.
I continue on as miles left behind darken without sun,
appearing at the early twilight , the journey will soon be done.
Chilled with damp t-shirt and brackish coated skin,
I know the feeling only runners feel, when the distance soon will end.
©  CMM  2013