I run because I am
I run because it is there
A healing ritual

©CMM 2020

The Dance

My feet clips into the cement

Drumming the rise of the sun

As the river’s fog dances with the tide.


Rain has come down now

Sun has hidden it’s red glare

I sit rain drenched wet

And still feel the world’s despair

Meditating 🧘‍♀️ hope must rise .

© CMM 2020

Breaking Through

Make every day count

Break through gravity holding back

Each tomorrow shines


My new publication came out today and I celebrated with the sunrise.


A flight from dark night

A runner starts up across hope

Finishes anew …


I ran morning clouds

I finished I felt the sun

Still smiled I was done❤️

© cmm 2020


I run before sun

No one but sky and water .

Social distancing