Early Morning

The shades are gone

The sun is early

And the run is done.

CMM 2020

I am a runner and I am not Poe, 😳 but I love this.

The clouds cover my run

As the birds sang me through

You must love the morning

And nature makes it about you .

CMM © 2022

Angels Among My Garden

I look and then I stay,

The angels keep the garden

And with me we pray 🙏

Angels among my garden

A path I will keep for you

So when you come and visit

You will always get through .

CMM. 2022

Morning Run

Summer heat is already here .

The fog rolls in

And the day begins …


a wet morning

Spring is here

As the cardinals

Build their nest.

robin’s are near.

And the world is close

To turmoil.

wrong has replace right

However the birds

Still serenade

After the stormy night .

CMM ©. 2022


I put this up earlier and somehow deleted it.

Always a Runner

I finished my Earth Day Medal

Running Feels Like My Church…


I walked among the trees and stopped to say hello. The sweetness of his greeting gave me to know.

God still exist ❤️

Red-Headed Woodpecker

he kept the pace

In a very slow race

With just myself .

CMM 2022