I think I see

A coke and smile

I will walk

a million miles

just for a coke,

and smile.

copyrighted 2023 CMM 


My DNA is from the Scots 

Legacy of 6 generations of women sit on the piano.

The music from the isles of Scotland 

plays in my veins, carrying the rhythm of the past.

Giving me the song of promise.

Let me dance with echo’s, let me sing with voices.

Reminding me to not let them down.

They cried, they laughed, and they lived in hope.

It is in that hope they bore the tides of their wombs.

Rushing onto the promises of tomorrow, 

the slipping sands grip into the current of time.

I share the apron of hope to the beauty left behind.

Christine McNeill-Matteson

copyright : 2023

A Still Place

In the distance

A early morning howl

Waking the crickets

As the full moons hides

Yard dog starts to bark

A silhouette in the clouds

A dinosaur chases a wolf

A storm ushers a day

Of spring …

CMM ©️2023


I woke wondering

What should I do

I poured my coffee

And tied my shoes

I guess I will run

That is who I am

The beauty of the sunrise

My day begins again

Copyright ©️ CMM 2023

The Sea and Me

I know that if God decided to return me back to earth to be

he would decide to return me back within the sea.

There where life is motion, smell, wind and air

then among the seashells you will find me there.

I will be mystery of change within the sand;

you will hear me as the water reaches the land.

Across the waves haunting seagulls will sing

The symphony of sounds I will bring.

Safely on the grass, spotted on the beach,

you will see my human steps, the lessons they teach.

Teaching although for a moment gone by,

the sounds of the ocean you will hear my sigh.

It is now your turn to capture the essence of you.

to share this essence ; your purpose be true.

Deep within life’s cycle with yesterdays and me,

I see a familiar reflection within the sea.

As it will mirror the beauty of what is left to say,

and look no further than your own gifted way.

Leaving behind with you the love that is divine,

this love that will transcend beyond the shore of time.

“Sharing Poetic Expressions, Beauty, Sublime and Mysticism in Occidental Culture”

Chapter: Tuning Forks of the Soul, Christine McNeill-Matteson

copyrighted: ISBN 978-94-007-0759-7

DOI 10.1007/978-94007-0760-3

Springer Dordrecht Heidelburg London New York

Sharing Poetic Expressions; Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka


I jaunt in the morning moon

My thoughts are miles away

I give up way too soon

So I can start my day

But I will always be

Jaunting again tomorrow .

CMM ©️ 2023


Keats spoke of a rose and how it would not wilt.

This rose came only once and was not made of silk.

PIcked among a garden this one unique rose,

taken from the thorns, this flower she chose.

Sat upon his desk, and nurtured from the stems,

drenched in water, cut in a vase, and looking back at him.

He called the rose loveliest of any in his fences,

this rose compared to others, they had no defenses.

However the secret of this rose was not from one attending.

The secret of its beauty was truly from its sending.

This rose he said was more because a friend gave way,

now the beauty of the perfect rose was given to him today.

Swelling powdered scents flowed in the house and settled,

crimson velvet sculptured rose, green stem among the petals.

Beauty in its temporal form in nature’s moment bloomed,

eternal rose, deep within was nurtured to the tomb.

copyrighted:  ©  CMM  2004

Keats Rose DSCN2709

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Ladybird Diner


It was a cold frosty day

sitting at a small table

just inside the café.

Charmingly name,


A generation apart

she sat with coffee 

in one hand and hope,

Hopes of tomorrow.

While I sat with 

Coffee in one hand,

tempered thoughts 

of more yesterdays…

Menu stretched from

fried chicken to 

eggs and breakfast meats

without a calorie counter.

The Winter’s sun glared

into the room 

brought warmth and conversation.

We spoke of poetry, hearts, women.

Confidences shared in trust,

wisdom and knowledge 

was the spice as time flew

spent in a diner called 

Ladybird’s Cafe

copyrighted: CMM. 2023

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Morning Lights

Hanging just above

Mystic dawning caught my eye.

Lights across horizon ride .

CMM. 2023


a deep expression

Of nature early morning

I glimpse, smile, and pray

CMM. 2023.