The fields have turned golden

img_1545the wheat now bundles in rolls

the sweet rain of autumn

will soon take its tolls

while color begins to grace

the tree line with color

the golds and the russet

the browns and yellow

I listen out to the souls who

pass into the place of places

where no one returns

and awareness erases

oh the changes of time

spread before in  splatter

to explain the passing

we ignore what matters

that autumn just is, what we

try not to see, the passing

of time, the reminder of seasons

when the colors bleed

copyrighted:  CMM  2016

Fallen Color

Seasons golden, rustic colors

shed from the aged old tree.

I lean in against it in autumn’s passing

I feel the leaves falling free.

I step gingerly at its base,

pigmented color, bark’s earthy smell.

Feeling the gifts of ground and soil

symphony of change begin to swell.

©   CMM  2015

Silver Trail ( a runner’s reflections)


The clouds hung close

the silver river view

the sun shines timid

I run past the hue

of late Autumn

and misty day

I sure my feet

Into the way

bringing me home

while I pray…




Autumn Run

Autumn Run


Our weather is turning — our clocks will change.

Life will get shorter and time rearrange.

We will fade and the children will take their turn,

watching life pass and working to earn.

Only to be where we are now,

no slower no faster with  reflections somehow.

©  CMM  2015


Second City

Second City

Second City

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.”
― Charles Baudelaire

Early Fall Morning

Sitting quietly at my desk,

the cool breeze from Autumn’s start

and the warm summer’s rest…

In awe as song bird breaks silence

tunes the mind in quick reply

feeling my soul start to comply…

copyrighted: CMM 2010