Summer’s Ending

summer’s ending
the leaves are drying
the wind is softer,
the heat subsiding
it is as if
they all agree
that summer’s ending
drop down your leaves
moisture is lost
the darkness takes hold
the larger birds balk
the mosquitos are bold
summer’s ending
I feel Autumn say
the days will be shorter
as limbs now sway
to welcome the Fall
stilled by the heat
it won’t be long
it is Autumn’s sweep.
Copyrighted:  2017  CMM


We have walked into

our beginnings as far as

we can go…

now the sea calls us each to our purpose,

all that is left is to climb…

©Christine McNeill summer 2004

(dedicated to Jonathan the most wonderful

son )

Hiking in Colorado

Autumn Leaves

Autumn st. mary 2photo

Pumping inside, silent echoes of my heart

racing rhythm reminding me; visceral awareness.

The sense is preciously closer to a more final silence,

as I listen to resounding moments.

It is autumn in my life, and as the leaves fall,

so do the days of color and stillness.

Each day is a lover coming to call,

ticking moments,  pulsating rhythm.

Sweeping the broken twigs,

the acorns in pieces with leaves

rusted across the redwood deck,

I feel the seeds of contemplation.

©  CMM  2011


A wake of hope carries the moon’s descent,
to ride off from the cold sun of winter’s promise.

Is it cold that slows the squirrel’s journey up
or their strife of yesterday’s feast of stowed summers.

The nip of hope, and the sting from the unknown,
stand as cold air in a windless day of frozen temperatures.

Yet, the move of the hours will re-ignite the heavenly stars
biding rest to the weary feeling full of the day’s survival.

Copyrighted: CMM 2009