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    • I miss you as well, and some others. However, I do not miss what happen to people around January 6 and afterwards. It became toxic to even read. So, I turned off the news, deleted my Facebook and only keep instagram and twitter, and rarely go there. However , I did start to make another one, and just opened it. I thought this is a lot of work to start again. Then I deactivated it. Maybe over the holidays I will re-establish it. I hope you and Dennis are well. Matt is in Korea with MCTP and I am feverishly trying to finish a couple of papers and a course I am taking. I get to see the grand-babies and they are a lot of fun. Jonathan is making it back to the mid-west a little more often as covid has healed and keeps healing. Give the family my love and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REACHING OUT. love you, Chrsitine

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