I walk out on the porch 

Dark from night skies

The sun still not up

The glow still dim

I look toward the walk

There she is meandering

Right in front of me.

She stops for a minute

Waits to see if I am moving

Of course I do not

After all her purpose is just

As she hunts her early prey

After her short pause

She scampers past me

Knowing I mean no harm

Off under the bush she goes

Into the darkness 

Most likely to another house

Making her morning rounds

Not to be seen the rest of the day

I go inside, lock my door 

I smile, she does not know me

I do not know where she comes

But, I always see where she goes

Into the darkness 

Brave and aloof 

Quiet and methodical 

She seeks her morning quest…

CMM. 2022