Sweet smell of Chocolate

Steams from the china rim 

The prints of Alice’s Wonderland

Jump from the black and white glass.

We read our stories of the Mad Hatter

And the disappearing owl.

Now I sit with my cup brimmed over

Spilling on the characters of yesterday.

Thinking of the friends I use to share

Our thoughts and our dreams.

As we dressed like Alice and 

Was just as mischief.

I salute time, and friendship 

Like the crooked clock on the wall

The hurried rabbit disappearing into

The garden of hearts and evil queens. 

Our life has been full of it all.

The Alice in me hopes we are never lost.

Lost in the days of technology 

And pretending with a cup and saucer.

We lived in magic and the magical 

And maybe they really did exist. 

Sooo, we tip our cups not with tea,

But sweet hot cocoa and stories.

CMM.  2021