Cold Mornings 
I was out for a frigid cold jaunt.

The sky hung distant stars’ reflections. 

The streets were full of shadows and Old antebellum buildings with long porches,

aged trees stood guard in the yards.

I heard a truck slow down as it passed.

The gentleman opened his car window. “ are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you.” I replied. He started to pull off and stopped. 

“ Do you need a ride?” He asked again. “No, no thank you.” I responded . 

He waved and continued on his way. 

I never felt threatened, his demeanor felt safe. 

However, I had to ponder about his concern. 

I suppose it seemed odd at 22 degrees and 4:30 in the morning someone out.

It was gentleman of him to be thoughtful.

I am certain I will be a conversation piece
—- the rest of the day.