In remembrance of Memorial Day

Eagle and Child Inkling

The morning sun rose in cool softness over the gentle Missouri hills,
a morning announced with the calling of the geese as they fly over.

A special gathering is beginning deep within the hills
speckled with white uniform tombstones…

Tombstones all a certain size, all to match the other,
rowed to follow the curves, the sloping grass.

Gentle hushed people walking, stopping to look,
stopping to look for, hoping to see…

See the familiar name, the identity of the one,
the lone one they once knew and shared life…

Flag markers are diligentlly pierced in the grass,
the grass that carpets each gravesite.

Cutting through the cemetery a road lined from one end
leans with motorcycles representing a special war.

Significant of the era it was fought in; tumultuous times,
the confusion so related to the war of Southeast Asia.

Elderly men reminiscent of the World Wars and foreign fields

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