Happy Mother’s Day Mom, (in memory)

Eagle and Child Inkling

I walked slowly over to see your name,

the ground was wet, the carpet now laid

A Visit A Visit

It has been six months since I was here,

the day of your interment I hold dear.

No headstone has yet been set,
your little sign has your name erect
A holy ground I pause to kneel,
it feels like church, the moment unreal.
I know they say, you are not here,
but, the truth is, your intimacy I feel.
For all in this world that was a part of you
lays in shroud below the morning dew.
Pinning the roses I brought today
I remember the flowers I sent Mother’s day.
A lifetime ago, a year has passed, so quickly now,
I place your roses on the dew, above your shroud.
Copyrighted:  CMM  2012

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