Over a hundred

years this building has survived,

the moon more; I am the visitor …


Super Moon spills sparkles

Into the still water below

The Magic begins…

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Chatter of the first spring bird just outside

My open window…

The frost still rides on the quiet early evening

Lingering with a cool breeze…

Feelings of the season changing

Sweeps across my senses…

Copyrighted:  2019

Professor Doo-Wop

Happy Birthday

Eagle and Child Inkling


Your music stopped today,
the doo-wop of the music box.
Professor from the era of the
60s and 70s.
You decided to say good-bye,
quietly without notice.
The songs no longer find
you to lullaby your soul
of rock and roll…
Your smile, and quick wit,
your philosophy of time.
Your reasonings are now silent,
only in your books.
You the mastery of words and oratory,
is quiet now with the echoes of memories,
the music, the readings, the author.
I don’t understand why time closed
your chapter…
© CMM April 6, 2012

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Youthful Wish

Blarney stone that must be kissed,

upon the young  secret wish.

Leprechauns hide in the trees

Equinox calls winter’s eve.

Promising a rainbow’s gold,

tales of Gaelic undertake old.

Celts beckon their clover green,

caftan plaid skirts the genome.

Threnody hushed from the past…

renaissance wishes forever last.


Copyrighted:  2019 CMM


Eagle and Child Inkling

IMG_3296.JPGAn hour of time,

a lifetime,

a pause,

a moment,

a second,



by who


the times…

copyrighted by:  CMM  2017

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The wind whispers

Calling softly

Like a mistress

To her bed

Swaying branches

Dance as the storms

Tempo moves into

An Evening of mystery


copyright:   2019 CMM


It is the rain
Sweet sound
Gentle drops
Of morning
It is the rain
And it dismisses
The winter snow
The harsh ice
It is the rain
It is promise
Spring will be


copyrighted:  2019 CMM

Happy National Women’s Day

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Ash Wednesday

Eagle and Child Inkling

Silent prayer,
Read aloud,
Keeping me
in a spiritual shroud.
Ashes wet,
Incense burned
the blessing given,
the sacred urn.
Oh the swirling of deafness
Inside my head,
I did not hear
One prayer said.
I only heard your voice
In the songs,
the missing of you
where you once belonged…
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
I feel your presence
I feel your trust.

Christine McNeill-Matteson, copyright: 02/2015 Published by, Agathos International Review Humanities and Social Sciences,2069-1025 (Print); 2248-3446

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