Happy Birthday to my beautiful

Daughter ! The sun got up and took our breath away on the run.


Blue Hues spill into

A river that has been and

Will be pass all in time


Frog and Run

In the words of Niki

” just do it “🐸 Kermit is an inspiration

And my run was good,

Being Alive

a step , a footing,

A distance, each day we strive

By being alive …

Picking up the gauntlet’s throw

Taking on the archer’s bow .

© CMM. 2020


Today is rain

Thoughtfulness and stillness claim

Preparing for hope

© CMM. 2020


A bloom Christen white

An orchid blooms upright

Twice; generation

Copyright © 2020


Rainy and a fireplace without cause .


I run because I am
I run because it is there
A healing ritual

©CMM 2020