Morning Shade

it is nice pulling

Up the shade on the morning

A hopeful attempt …


a lunar green moth

Rest before taking night flight

Leaving a blessing



a rising sun

A another week has begun

Hope , prayer, and faith …

© CMM 2021

Heart to Heart

A breath , a beat

Hearts connect eternity

Life begins, echo.

CMM © 2021


I hit a milestone today, 3000 miles with Niki Plus App. I am only a few miles away from the Black Level ( still at purple ) stay tune 😎🙏🏃‍♀️


It is the storms that keep us


When the sun returns ,

it is then we flourish.

CMM © 2021

Little Red Hydrant

Running I pass a

Little red hydrant all painted new.

I think to myself, how many you save,

so important are you !

CMM ©. 2021

Queen Anne’s Lace

The Wild flowers adorn

And capture nature’s grace with

Delicate summer’s face .

© 2021 CMM

Morning Run