Mother’s Day



‘A Walk Among the Brushes’, Christine McNeill-Matteson

AGATHOS, Volume 8, Issue 2 (15): 103-109 © CC BY NC 2017


A run,

thoughts come

and go…

the steps not fast,

not slow…

I listen to crickets,

birds and such.

To rustle in the trees

sun’s warm touch…

I measure my distance,

from tree line to tree.

I measure my fatigue

and I talk to me.

I pray some, and sing

and listen some more.

My thoughts ramble

trains on the track…

I am soon done,

I am almost back.

CMM @2020



I ran today and as I did

I notice the beauty before me.

My thoughts wandered to those

Who are sick and passed

I prayed no longer will be!

CMM 2020

A Prayer


The Bear My Window

My bear is in the window

So everyone can see at last.

It is to bring smiles on little

Ones faces as they pass.

Everything is scary

Everything has changed.

I do not go to school

My schedule rearranged .

No one plays on the play ground

No one comes over any more.

The house is quiet and we stay

At home, no one at the door.

Everything is scary,

I do not understand why.

My Mom and Dad just hold me

they let me come to cry.

Everything is scary, I hope this goes away

My bear will guard and protect me

And tell the scary ” you cannot stay.”

Copyrighted © CMM 2020