“Speak to me olé muse and through me tell the story” —Homer

Lost Pen

“There you are,” having fallen into helplessness,


lost in the pile of life’s debri.

I pick you up, dust you off,

dear old friend,

but don’t leave again…

I smile down at my long lost pen.

copyrighted: CMM August 2010


She was listening
voices around her unaware
she lies in waiting
she was listening
to the tears
the consolations
she was listening
when someone whispered
to her, I love you.
listening to the voices
leaving the room for a moment
and then she left…
Copyrighted:  CMM   2017

Old Canvas

IMG_2583There was a time,

when the canvas was plain.

Clean brushes we picked up to

dip into the colors of youth,

Choices of hope

to build masterpieces

for tomorrows.

Now we try to patch the

old paint, and sit in front

of a canvas cluttered…

©  CMM  2014