Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The darkness will now

curtsy Black

Turn to the moon and

stars their back

To raise the shade

Of light again

With winter’s flight

And night rescind

A frost brings a cold

Frozen nip

As the sun travels

The global trip

Giving back the light

from autumn darkness

Now soon to be out of sight


Copyrighted:  2017 CMM

Winter’s Solstice


Winter’s gray and silver sky.Winter's Solstice

Pry upon my watchful eye,

as I see the sun go down

setting shadows on the ground.

Yet I know and then I hope

when darkness comes that I will cope

with the fact that this will be

0nly temporarily.

For after December 21st

the snow will come from winter’s burst.

The sun will once again begin to shine

taking up more of the time

of day to give back to me;

my longing sense of sanity…

Copyrighted:  2010 CMM