New Year


Crystal clings, toast to things,

Remembered from the year.


Wine pours red, nod our head,

To loved ones we hold dear.


A kiss held softly and

Tight embrace, I love you.


The moments of kindness,

Auld lang syne, old and new.


Brace the wise man, who lifts

His staff among stars of time.


We pray to mystery of

Life, singing old lang syne.


Copyrighted:  2018 CMM


IMG_3296.JPGAn hour of time,

a lifetime,

a pause,

a moment,

a second,



by who


the times…

copyrighted by:  CMM  2017

The Path

Wet morning sand stick to my feet


while brown seaweed breaks into my path.


I travel to my beginnings toward the sea.


Watchful without pretention or notice


sounds of waves crashing and wind blushing


past me, as I step into the path.


On the shores morning and evening meet always.


Reflection of all time before me, and after me,


will continue long after my footprints are no longer


wet to my feet; deep into my path.


Copyrighted:  2016 CMMimg_1107