Twilight crest after

midnight storm gives way to verdant

grass, and hope appears …

© CMM 2019


autumnal Equinox gently arrives

warmth of the summer lost in the skies

Burnt orange and red are made of your dress

A sigh of relief now we will soon rest

From a summer of drought and too little rain

We will put it behind us; wait for seasons to change

Copyright © CMM 2018


a tender moment

Mother and daughter share time

While the children play

Copyright © 2018 CMM


full moon cloaks white clouds

Wind sways in celebration.

Oak tree leaves promise


a slow climb endured

Moments brought to attention

Mind, soul and body

Copyright : CMM 2018


I climb hills to run

Trees beside the hot road sway

beckons endurance

Copyright @ CMM 2018


Lovely morning run

Verdant green trees shade beacon

A peaceful rest

@ CMM. 2018

A bluebird’s morning,

a runner’s eye turning.

Just in time to see,

perched in the barren tree .

@ 2018 CMM


The fields have turned golden

img_1545the wheat now bundles in rolls

the sweet rain of autumn

will soon take its tolls

while color begins to grace

the tree line with color

the golds and the russet

the browns and yellow

I listen out to the souls who

pass into the place of places

where no one returns

and awareness erases

oh the changes of time

spread before in  splatter

to explain the passing

we ignore what matters

that autumn just is, what we

try not to see, the passing

of time, the reminder of seasons

when the colors bleed

copyrighted:  CMM  2016

Wine Country

A guest among the

well attended history

majestic aged old trees


© CMM  2015