I Belong


There are places where I walk  not to be noticed.

While other places I blend in crowds and smile.

There are places I fear to walk  without stumbling

Other places I only stay for a while.

But, there is one place I know I belong

It is constantly changing around me.

The place of cool calming waters,

This place is called the sea.


Copyrighted:2019  CMM

Ferris Wheel


Watching a lot of dead people

moving around, finding a table.

The heavy glass separates

the booth and the tables

from inside and sidewalk.

As the food carried by life

and served with a smile.

She hasn’t learned to give

up her breaths of hope quite yet.

Watching and waiting and eating.

Watching the gray faces of tired eyes,

I see my reflection in the glass,

praying I will never get there.

Copyrighted:  2019 CMM


MACBETH played by my son , Jonathan Matteson ! I am always so proud of him!


Twilight crest after

midnight storm gives way to verdant

grass, and hope appears …

© CMM 2019


a full moon light shines

just in sight, reflecting on

sleeping Queen Anne’s Lace

©CMM 2019


Morning sun rises

My soul’s shade is lightened now

No rain weigh it down .

Copyright © CMM. 2019

The Wind is Speaking

The wind is speaking
The morning night
A whispered breeze
A rhythmic quiet

The wind is speaking
A gentle wake
The limbs carry
The boughs break

Stars hang
A sparrow sings
A morning sighs

Copyrighted:  CMM 2019