Afternoon moments

Gather memories of you

Grandma’s kept secrets

© Christine McNeill- Matteson

Christmas Tea

Brown aroma filters through

the porcelain pot wrapped in

a  holiday Christmas print

unknownTea covey placed around,

Tied at the top with a green ribbon.

Pouring into the cup the sound

of generations past of many pourings,

expressed  within generations,

a knowing of shared time.

The warmth of the spiced tea

brought smiles caused by conversations,

of simpler  relationships in an eloquent

fluent exchange of Christmas gentility.

Christmas 2013 copyrighted: CMM


An ole’ tree, yawning in the ground,

grown deep in the slow south.

Children back then knew it to be

sweet in taste and sugary in tea.

While old black pots were stirred all day,

seasoned with grounded leaves of sine quo non.

to make that jambalaya to steam away

the colorful savor is still not gone.

Copyrighted: CMM 2004