Running with Pegasus


Mounting Pegasus under morning night,

we take to wings of running flight.

Among stars and constellations,

entered in morning night.

A falling star drops just ahead,

a silent wish is quickly said.

Into the mystic morning show,

Pegasus and I have nothing to dread.

Heralded by seagulls awaking,

the birds in faint light start taking.

To song and flutter as we pass,

all a part of the morning making.

This runner’s flight crossed into light

from a mystic morning flight.

Pegasus and I ride into red glow

dripping sun just in sight.

copyright: CMM  2010


She remembers the clothesline just off the kitchen window.


Lined against the bushes of lilacs all blooming in the spring.


Straight lines of coiled wire touching brown decaying wood post.


Each week she would see the lady of the house hang lovely colors,


different shapes and sizes of shirts and pants and little girl’s dresses.


Blues would mix with the pinks and reds, but the whites were always


separate from the others so not to allow the dye to run on them. 


Deep in the summer south the hot wind would bend and sway


against the flag of colors left out to dry until right before afternoon sun.


She then would gather them and fold and lay them in a straw basket


bringing them into the house; the smell would be of the out of doors.

copyrighted:  2016 CMM

Ferris Wheel


235Crayola Colors, bright red, yellow and blue

Round in circles of me and you

All the beginnings are reflected inside

as I watch and I listen to the Ferris wheel ride.


The seats they wobble with you front and back

Don’t look down and buckle the rack.

I love to watch and listen and smell.

The time of the Ferris wheel, I remember well.


True loves in height and tumultuous times

Defined by the nickels we paid for the climbs

As we trusted a ride, we would never forget

Arm in arm, hand in hand lovers, we sat.


The Ferris wheel days of cotton candy and games

Hope and promise blended and all seemed the same

As the day before or the day to come

The days of the Ferris Wheel, at the setting sun.

copyrighted:  2014 CMM


Summer Smiles

Deeper and deeper I break blacken crumbles of packed soil.

Closer and closer the earth warms wiggle in welcome,

bringing a hallow depth of wet disrupted places.

Spring’s garden now silent from the sun,

now further into the soil given way.

There are welcomes new beginnings

from the yellow petals

the sprouting




Copyrighted: 2009 CMM/ photo 2000 CMM