Magenta red

Turns her head giving life

Her pollen sprouts

Golden and shouts

A procreating strife.

CMM 2022


There are people

Who help you smile

Just by being in your path

And offer kindness for a while

Copyrighted CMM 2022

( Thank you Starbucks special place fort Leavenworth)


A run past history

A moment of reflections

Time goes on

We strive for perfections .

CMM © 2022



I ran this morning

At the end of night

Just before the sun appeared

And as I did the time passed

As though we were at a race

I kept my balance and kept

My sight and did not lose the pace.

CMM © 2022

Art work : © CMM 2022

Summer’s Eve

the golden sun rises

Into the morning’s heat

As the world slows down.

CMM 2022

Ice Cream and Volkswagons

I remember those days

we would eat ice cream

and never gain a pound.

Going to the Tasty Freeze

ordering chocolate on chocolate.

Sitting at the booth with my sister,

talking to our new friends

and laughing.

So easy to laugh then at everything;

even ourselves .

CMM. 2022

Early Morning

The shades are gone

The sun is early

And the run is done.

CMM 2020


I remember I would lie

Looking into the sky

The aquamarine blue

Stretched way up high

Hung with invisible means

puffy white clouds

Would show up in streams

Of shapes like Animals

or people I have seen

CMM © 2022


A purple hue

In morning dew

As the world